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Mega Snake Mega Snake

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Snake with more bite

Haha I have to say, this is one of the most original versions of snake I have ever seen! I it when users take an old game and crank it up to be newer and more updated, and I think I can say that this game has certainly succeeded in doing that! It has a few tweaks and improvements that could be made, but not bad at all…..
First off, graphics. There really isn’t much to complain about here at all, on the whole I liked the looks of the game graphically, it seemed much more new and updated than the old version of Snake. I loved the whole look and layout of the levels, you managed to create the game to look very much 3D, even though when you look closely you se it is not. But you managed to create that illusion, and that’s what impresses me because the game looks graphically good and in some ways supplies us with ‘eye-candy’. I also that you had used what looked like a ‘rayman’ style for the graphics of the game – you collected balls and the snake consisted of a head and a number of spheres, with the spheres decreasing in size as the snake went along for that extra realism. This made the game a little less ‘intense’ like its predecessor and gave it a more happy and enjoyable mood, the looks of the snake and your surroundings gave me a chuckle a few times because the game had very much a ‘slapstick’ feel to it. However, I feel that the squares were a little too plain. Granted, you varied in the colour of squares and added in a few hazards in each level; but the basic template was still the same and I felt that each level was still in some way similar to the last. For example, how about including different environments for the game? Such as a snowy one where you travel around on ice. You could also take away the squares for an extra challenge on some levels; but I do appreciate that they help an awful lot in whether you win or lose this game, which is why you could have different surfaces but still faint squares underneath them.
Next, sounds. Nothing much to suggest here really. I loved the different music for each level, each tune had a very happy feel to it and gives off the impression that this is a game that can be enjoyed by all. I also loved the crowd sounds for when you lost or won, and also the various noises of hazards and so on.
Finally, game-play. Definitely the main cake of the game. I anticipated good game-play from this form the minute I pressed that ‘play button’ – and that’s exactly what you gave me. I was surprised to see that the game-play seemed at times a far cry from that old classic we all know; instead of that familiar ‘birds-eye’ play, you had adopted an entirely different one of travelling around a grid. This may be drawing the game closer away from it’s ancestor, but I felt that It gave the game a whole new challenge of its own and just gives that dusty old version more excitement. The controls weren’t exactly easy, but they also weren’t entirely difficult either. I like this method of moving around because it adds originality to the game, and if you took that away you would be taking away the challenge. Speaking of challenge, this game definitely has a lot of it. I was surprised at how hard the levels were, and even on the first level collecting the balls on time was hard, and also the different hazards on each level added to the replay value. I am impressed at how much you have given snake a well-needed update and yet still keeping the main game-play feel to it. I was a little disappointed that the snake did not grow after each blob collected though, and I feel you should do this just to add to the extra excitement, and the passwords were hard to remember since they were in numbers. Perhaps letters spelling out a word for each level password would be better?
Overall, a version of ‘Snake’ with more bite, originality and challenge than ever before. It’s amazing how much a game can change for the better, yet still resemble its original roots. Well done, and I hope you found my suggestions helpful :)

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Frustration++ Frustration++

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Intense, but at the same time docile.

Wow I have to say, this is probably one of the most original puzzle games I’ve seen on the NG so far! I really like the fact that you have to use skill and logic for this, and that you have used Mario for a whole new purpose. Has some improvements that could be made, but not bad at all…..
First off, graphics. Not bad, I liked the menu screen and the way you had put the words “frustration” in a detailed font, it made the game LOOK exciting and therefore this leads us to feeling it as physically intense. It raised my expectations that this would be an enjoyable and fun game – and in most ways you succeeded on this. The little screen congratulating you if you beat the game was also a nice little addition. For the main graphics on-screen though, they were god, mostly bog-standard and I think it’s fair to say that graphically the game did nothing amazing. But then again, why would it need to? This is mainly a game that focuses on concentration and logic, if we are focusing on where the Marios are we aren’t going to be paying attention to whether or not this game has a fancy background or special effects. Nevertheless, if you wanted to improve graphics if you made a sequel or another version, there is always room for improvement. Apart form the many Marios all the graphics really consisted of were a few pipes and a green background – not exactly eye candy is it? Like I have said before this is not completely important but I suggest that if you want to satisfy the player just that little bit more you make the graphics a little more interesting; combined with game-play how you go about presenting your game helps to give it a mood and let the player FEEL your work more. For example, how about including a red detailed background with an ‘aggressive’ pattern on it or a picture of a brain, rather than just a bog-standard green one? This will really give the game tone and will help to emphasise the intense style of the game and to really bring out that “frustration” that the game is named after. Giving the game a more dramatic atmosphere will help put your player under pressure, and in a game like this that is a good thing to do. Perhaps though, you could give the Marios some sort of animation when they pop up and drop down the pipes?
Next, sounds. Pretty average really, I liked the Mario tune although it loops very quickly and gets repetitive after a while, so you might want to include a selection of tunes or a longer one. However, I would like to see some sound effects such as when you click a pipe and the Marios pop up or drop down, and when you win or lose the game.
Finally, game-play. Definitely the best aspect about “Frustration”, it is original and I love the way this focuses on patience and logic rather than just violence and gore. The other interesting thing is that this game is both intense, but at the same time incredibly docile. This is a lovely puzzler to sit down to, but there is that little hint of frustration that this game is named after. I feel that you could emphasise the perseverance you need by perhaps making the Marios comment in some way when you drop them down a pipe, or when they pop back up again. Emphasise the frustration of this game, TAUNT the player if they are losing, just to put them on edge and to really feel the style of this game. All-in-all though, effective game-play that has no plot and therefore has great replay value – I can enjoy this game over and over again without tiring from it, and the challenge of it made my mind physically boggle! I also like the way you type in your name and you are congratulated when you win, this makes the game feel a little more personal and satisfying when you are patient and finally get it right.
Overall, probably one of the most original Mario games I’ve seen. You could make this game a little more exciting, but it’s the subtle challenge that makes this game what it is, and reducing its difficulty would diminish that. You’re going to need patience for this one! Well done :)

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MisterSambert responds:

Best review Ive ever gotten from someone on NG... Thank you for taking the time to actually make a REAL review. I really apreciate it :)

ng mario ng mario

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Feels restrained due to some letdowns

For a first flash this is not bad! It’s nice to see someone has refrained from using the typical sprites and actually created their own game using Mario and used him for their own style. Has the potential to go further though and needs some improvements, because it is a real shame that a few silly bugs and glitches let this down….
First off, graphics. Only bog-standard I feel. I liked the fact that you didn’t use a sprite for Mario, he looked good and I liked the cutesy way he scuttled along and jumped. This gave the flash a very cutesy feel to it through the way the game looked graphically, but I mean this in a good way because it gives off the impression that it is a game that can be enjoyed by all. Backgrounds looked nice and typically Mario and it was good to see you used a variety of different backgrounds to create a different ‘environment’ – each setting had its own objects to jump over and therefore each had individual characteristics. However, in some ways I really felt as if this game was presented in a rather sloppy manner, whilst I liked the backgrounds I did not like the way it seemed to move away from you when you moved at some points during the game, this pretty much meant on some levels the lack of graphics was even more apparent. I also seemed to think there was a rather large lack of graphics on our screen. One thing that stood out in a negative way was that pipes and platforms were just suspended in the air with no ground, and this seemed a little silly to me, also about the fact that some of the graphics looked a little ‘cut-out’ such as the blocks had white around their rims. You really need to breathe LIFE into the environment and give us more of a setting, a platform suspended in mid-air does not make sense. Try to make the platforms connect to the ground, and instead of just jumping around in the air make it so we can run along the ground, vary the movements.
Next, sounds. Very good I thought here, I liked that you included animations when Mario jumped and ran, they felt happy and nice. The main thing I liked though was the music, the fact that you had taken the original “Mario” tune and changed it a bit. It felt liken a sort of funky remix and got me near to dancing a few times as I was writing this! I would like to see some more sound effects such as if you collect coins and also different tunes for different levels – as much as I love it the music does get repetitive after a while.
Finally, game-play. As usual, I feel this is really the heart of “NG Mario”. The plat forming style not only feels fun but really grows on me, since it feels typically Mario. I have to say, this was pretty challenging at times and felt a little unlike Mario in some parts, there was a lot more plat forming to be had which I was pleased about – the different platforms for each level made the game interesting. However, I would like to see more action in this game such as coins to collect or enemies that can kill you, this fells a little boring in some aspects because once you’ve played one level you’ve played them all. It’s also a big shame about the bugs in the game, I found myself getting stuck on platforms and walking through them many times – this really makes the game feel more frustrating and ugly and diminished the challenge of the game. You obviously need to fix this, and also the fact that when you die Mario just yells and you don’t seem to move at all, then are suddenly dropped onto the level again. This does not make a lot of sense and so Mario should yell and try to fly or something, then drop off of the screen.
Overall, an above-average Mario game, but it’s just a shame that the sloppy presentation at times and bugs let this down. Whilst I enjoy the frantic plat forming style you seem to have adopted here; it just needs a tad more excitement to make it more enjoyable and entertaining. Well done though, and I hope you found my suggestions helpful :)

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invisiblecatnip responds:

I didnt think that this game would even stay on the portal because it was a pieced together game, but I like this type f gameplay, and some reviews encouraged me to make a sequal, and I will definately remember this review

Museys Coin catch Museys Coin catch

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

goes to show that simplicity CAN work

I have to say I like this, that old classic method of moving about catching objects has always grown on me and never seems to tire or get old. Obviously this could do with a few tweaks) but mostly not bad at all…..
First off, graphics. I genuinely liked the looks of this game. It looked happy and therefore FELT physically relaxing, you gave the game pretty environment, such as the nice distant mountains and the clouds in the bright blue sky ect; such small little details as these really help contribute a great deal to the game’s success and enjoyment. I felt with this look of the game you gave it a very ‘family-friendly’ feel to the game, one that most users on the NG can play and enjoy; connected with the game-play the graphics really boosts the interactivity because it breathes life into your surroundings within the game and therefore gives it mood and setting.. Graphically the game looked sweet although I could argue that in some ways it did look a little MS Painted and that you could add some realism in such as some shadows when the coins fall would be a great help to get a better score; although I felt you already included realism such as the fading colours on the mountains in the background, this gave the game a more dramatic feel to it as I frantically dashed about trying to collect coins. Animation was something I was impressed about too, alright so the game didn’t have a bucket load of animations but the ones you did have were satisfactory enough. For example, the little scuttling movement of Musey as he dashed about was cute and the coins spinning and faces spinning were very classical; and the looks gave me a chuckle at times such as the evil looking face as the sun, and the objects you weren’t supposed to collect had happy faces on them. However, though I liked the graphics I do feel there was a lack at some points graphically, perhaps you could have different backgrounds and settings?
Next, sounds. Again, good and nothing much to complain about. I loved the happy background music because it felt very Mario-ish although since the game last a long time I think you should have other music tunes to listen to, after all the music isn’t exactly complex and loops around a lot and gets very repetitive after a while. I was a little disappointed that you didn’t include sound effects though; perhaps some sound for when you collect a coin or zaphoid, and a ‘game over’ sound?
Finally, game-play. This is where the game really shines for me, it’s nothing original and it’s simplistic but that’s why I love it - it isn’t over-exaggerated or trying to be complex. I like your own ideas of this type of game, such as mostly bad objects being dropped from above, this giving you a requirement to dodge about a lot and actually think about what you’re catching. This certainly gave the game a challenge, although I do question that there seemed to be a little shortage of coins compared to a lot of zaphoids. The game had a lot of replay value though because of its length, although I love how this game lasts but I feel you should break down the length. One game lasts an awful long time due to the objects dropped bar slowly depleting, and this makes the game a little repetitive and frustrating at times for the player. Stick with the ‘objects dropped’ count depleting, but how about including levels? Such as with different backgrounds and characteristics; for example the Zaphoids could be little fireballs in a ‘hell’ style theme and icicles in a snowy one ect. The game could also get increasingly difficult as you go along, with objects dropping faster and increasing the number of hazards to avoid dropping. All-in-all though, I love the game-play style and it’s one that I can come back to again and again.
Overall, “Musey Coin catch” could do with a few little extras but for now it is an addictively entertaining game as it is; and definitely one that everyone can enjoy. It’s simple, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope you found my suggestions helpful, and well done :)

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Musey responds:

Wow, you certainly know how to review a submission. Thanks for the hints and tips. MCC2 has different levels, but each level remained the same but with the background getting closer to night-time. But your idea of different themes has inspired me. I will try for sound effects and choosable music also. i agree, there is a large ratio of zaphoids to coins, but it's 50\50 what falls, so it's not up to me what comes down. I will spend a lot longer on MCC2 and with any luck it will provail. Thanks for your review. -MUSEY-

The Legend of Timmy The Legend of Timmy

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Riddled with too many a glitch and letdown

I’m afraid I don’t think much of this. At first impressions it looks and seems like a nice little RPG to settle down to; but after only a minute you realise this game is just too riddled with glitches to be as thoroughly enjoyed as it should be….
First off, graphics. Not too bad actually, probably one of the best aspects about the game. I liked the cute style to this, the way the map was littered with nice little houses, bridges and bushes. It felt nice and happy like an RPG should be, and the layout of the battle graphics seemed also a little pokemon, the way you entered a separate screen on a fight sequence focusing against the enemy. I was also impressed by the fact that you could interact with people, for example when you talked to a character controlled by the computer a little dialogue box would pop up in a handy and organized manner. Though the environments felt physically pretty in some ways they looked extremely MS Painted and felt very cheap and a little sloppy. For example, I felt a thickness about the graphics such as ugly thick black lines you had drawn on the map to stop the character going out of bounds. Why not just create an invisible wall? I felt that whilst you had gone a good way to try and create an interesting map you just hadn’t put enough detail into things that were actually included on our screens; paths were just thick lines of a slightly different shade of green and houses were merely black boxes with red little squares at the front symbolising ‘doors’. The player might get the impression that you tried to include so much in so such little detail, and this is not a good thing. You really need to breathe LIFE into our setting, and if you have to include less but into more detail so be it. Put some detail into the houses and make the environment make sense. Buildings can look realistic and have brickwork patterns instead of being just black boxes, and avoid littering stuff around that doesn’t even seem to make sense – for example I came across random piles of red squares on numerous occasions. I also wasn’t very impressed with animations, the screen altered jerkily when you moved along and I couldn’t help but notice that you and other characters had highlighted lines around you, this made the game look graphically messy, get rid of this.
Next, sounds. To be honest very poor, since the only sound was the good introduction music. Obviously what we need is some in-game music to fill that large empty gap; and I was pretty disappointed about the fact that you had missed the opportunity to include voiceovers for characters speaking.
Finally, game-play. Pretty much where the game plummets due to so many little errors. First off, the game was honestly boring and I can only play this in small doses, the game moves along at a jerky snail pace and includes next to no action. I honestly didn’t know what I was supposed to do, we seemed to have little instructions what to do and this game lacked action, no weapons or anything, I found myself just walking around for the game trying to figure out where to go. I like the way you include battles with guards as this gives the game some action, but this leads me onto the bugs of the game. I was disappointed I can’t walk diagonally and I got stuck in between buildings a lot of the time, I entered a battle with a guard and he did nothing and we both just stood there and the game froze, either that or sometimes the fight sequence would come up for 5 seconds and then disappear. Bugs like this really need to be fixed, and the only thing I could really do is press enter in the game, this brought up a screen to save the game. Maybe I didn’t understand the point of the game, but if not we should be more informed of what to do and how to do it.
Overall, a poor RPG game that had the right idea but just fails to give the audience what they want – smooth game-play and action. I am sorry to be giving this such a negative review, but such little glitches within the game let it seriously down and this just diminishes the game’s limited action.

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Motumbis responds:

I know it has many glitches but you should read the author's comment before playing the game. it says the game is not finished and i just placed it here to see if people would like me to finish it, it also says the controls.

Mafia game Mafia game

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A great idea, just a shame of the sloppyness

I have to say, this is probably one of the most original and games I’ve seen on so far, and has real promise. It’s just a shame of the silly little glitches that prevent us from finishing this…
First off, graphics. Pretty good actually; I know other people have been complaining about the graphics a bit but I liked the sketchy style you seem to have taken with this, it looks and feels artistic, and is much more realistic than MS Painted graphics. The introduction to the game looked and FELT exciting with your character walking up to the man in the chair and shooting him to death, later to be seen lying in a pool of blood dead on the floor at the beginning of the game. “Mafia game” had a certain grungy feel to it unlike some other games, it has a dark and gloomy setting to it and generally has a moody theme. The same goes for the text introduction to each chapter, nice gloomy grey font on a black background. Such small little details in the game as this really give it a sense of tone and a particularly good Mafia feel to it. I liked the way that you had put detail into the actual characters of the game, however maybe some more than others. For example, the character the player controlled looked nothing short of awesome, the way you had given him a stern face with a moustache, hat tilted forward and black glasses – a very ‘Mafia’ look. On the other hand though, you hadn’t put as much detail into the other Mafia enemies. I feel you hadn’t really balanced the detail in the characters as much as you could have, and the same goes for the backgrounds. Some parts of the environment you moved around in looked excellent in that same artistic etchy-sketchy look; but parts of the scene just didn’t look as if it had the same effort put into it; for example I noticed the way you had tried to empathise right tones and shadows were by scrawling a different shade of colour across in very Paint-looking lines, I feel the artistic look was a little overdone in some places. As for animations though, they were mainly good.; I like the way your character moved along with the end of his Tommy gun over his shoulder, the only thing I would complain about is that the splatter of blood from an enemy are just red lines, and the animation of swinging the knife seemed a little timid, I think a swinging of the knife would be better.
Next, sounds. Really nothing much to complain about here, I liked the music and the way you differed it in each scene. The sounds of the guns being fired were very satisfying too. The only opportunity you missed are voiceovers, and some nice dying sounds from enemies would be a welcome addition.
Finally, game-play. Definitely the cream of the game, it had a satisfying Mafia feel to it both in the style and action. The Tommy guns you used for weapons were very accurate to the Mafia style. I was also pleased to see blood in this game too, I loved the way the enemies surrounded in a pool of blood with their hats slumped on the floor off their heads – if there’s one thing that’s good in this game, it’s the gun-toting action. However, I did feel it was just a case of bashing the ‘z’ buttons at times especially since the enemies seemed to spawn off the screen, which I found pretty frustrating because it made the game a lot harder, the same goes to say that sometimes a mob of enemies spawned, some right in your character which meant you couldn’t attack. The main glitch that lets this game down though, is the fact I couldn’t even finish the game. In the training level my trainer wandered right off the screen every time I played. (technically giving he game only 2 levels), which of course was very disappointing. You of course, need to fix this.
Overall, probably one of the most original shoot-em-up’s on the NG and one with good potential. It’s just a shame that some sloppy game-play and glitches let this game down so much, it gives the feeling that the game is rushed and doesn’t bring out the ‘Mafia’ feel as much as it could have. Nevertheless, well done :)

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RC designer 2.1 RC designer 2.1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Creates a real feeling of satisfaction.

Wow I have to say, this was nothing other than pretty damn fun! Not only this, but I think this is one of the most creative and original games on the NG yet, I’m surprised that no-one has thought of this until now; the concept of creating your own rollercoaster is always an attractive concept. It feels like that old game “Theme Park World” *sniff*…..
First off, graphics. Pretty good actually, seeing as you focused the game mainly around pieces and building, the graphics wouldn’t need to be breathtaking anyway, you aren’t going t be picky about how detailed each rollercoaster piece looks as you pick it up and place it somewhere. Anyway, each piece looked decent enough and I liked the individual bars you had put through each piece, that must have taken quite some time. The pieces were nothing short of varied too, there was a good selection and I don’t really think there could have been anymore because you pretty much used up every idea I had anyway. You could include a sideways corkscrew and more curvy pieces of the rollercoaster rails, don’t get me wrong I liked the pieces but I wasn’t too keen on the fact that nearly ALL of the bars were straight, and since you included more imaginative twists such as loop the loops, I don’t think it would be too to ask if you included some curvy rails. I thought the pieces were interesting and great, but I think with a few more such as simple curves and diagonal slopes this could be made even better, you included so much of the creative and yet missed out a few of the simple basics which was a little surprising to me. Not only did you include pieces, but I was also very impressed with the fact that you could type banners and the name of your very own roller-coaster; such little extras as these really help make a big difference in how enjoyable the game is, since I think it’s safe to play that every time you play this it will never be exactly the same. The only thing I have to niggle about is that the banners didn’t fit even small words onto them, the word kind of shifted to the left when typing and the beginning of the word disappeared off the end. Scenery was good though you could add more, and I loved the different exciting backgrounds you could pick from.
Next, sound. Bog-standard, and it doesn’t play as much of a role in the game as the other two aspects but it is good nonetheless. Good choice of background music I thought, it suited the theme of the game and it was a nice tune you could just chill to whilst sitting here creating your very own coaster. Such moods as this I enjoy. The only thing you could add here is sound effects such as when you place down a piece or, if you decide to add people on the ride noises such as the coaster operating and people screaming ect. The music was the main backbone of the sound aspect anyway.
Lastly, game-play. And what game-play it was! Not so much action and exciting, but creativity and imagination; this creates a great feeling of satisfaction for the player because of their creativity. I loved not only how you in included pieces but banners and a name to the coaster, this ensures the game good repay value because you can always create a different coaster every time you play. This is a game where I can appreciate every detail, such as the way the scenery is a ‘canvas’ you can interact your coaster with. All I would like to see here is an option which enables you to see your rollercoaster in action such as little people riding it, it would be very satisfying to see people screaming in the result of your exciting ride.
Overall, probably one of the most satisfying to the player, and original games on the NG yet, and one that offers great replay value both for time and gaming. Most games are about violence and action, but this one’s about your own ideas and putting them together, and is definitely going on my favourites. Hope to see a sequel! Well done :)

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suppi responds:

Holy crap, dude(et), this is great.
not only do i get a good review... but one from someone whos reviewed over 1,000 submissions! thnx!
i took your critisizm into consideration. i was going to add a test, but i couldnt find anybody who would provide a script! there is a curve on the bottom of the standard pieces section. but... wow... you added me to your favorites and you coudve added more than 1,000! im honored...

"The News" "The News"

Rated 1 / 5 stars

A lack of anything interesting even in 10 seconds.

Sorry to say, but I think there is little that is either interesting or enjoyable about this flash. The main reason for this flash being so awful is the lack of content, and certainly lack of humour….
First off, graphics. Pretty bad and the flash wasn’t presented very well and the menu screen was just a random white scribble on a black background. The actual flash no, did not look much better; all we got was a clock, a grey background, a grey strip at the bottom of the screen and a picture in the right hand corner – not exactly eye-candy is it? I liked the classic strawberry clock look with the clock arrow next to his body, but the rest of the graphics looked very MS Painted, in fact I got the feeling that you had created most of your graphics using ready-made lines and shape tools in paint, apart from the clock there was just a straight line. Instead of just a plain grey background try to give the environment a bit more detail you need to give the flash SETTING. Take advantage of the fact that this is a news style flash, and set the background as if the clock is in a news studio, for example TVs in the background and a big title saying e.g “The Clock News”. Strawberry clock could also have some animation, he could hold some papers and straighten them on the table in front of him like a presenter. Also, instead of just a Pope picture and then a clock one in a little box, try to make more animations and give the flash a proper news setting; for example the box could enlarge and in the little screen there could be some animations of the Catholics being sad.
Next off, sounds. Probably the best aspect in the flash, but then again here we also weren’t exactly spoiled for choice. I love the funny Clock voice as usual, but I was pretty disappointed to find that the voice was the ONLY sound in the flash. A suggestion would be that if you included animations of cameras going to different places to report the news, you could have sounds such as a picture of the pope and people crying or something. Another thing you could do is to create an introduction to the flash, for example a big title of the Clock News and then a voice saying “Hello, this is the Clock Crew News” or something like that. I just feel that you lacked sounds in this, and linked with sounds this really causes the viewer to experience your work more and give the flash a little more action. Without sound effects, the action in the flash is a little ‘mute’.
Finally, content. I have to admit, a pretty disappointing aspect of the flash. Looking back to my saying the sound makes the action more apparent, well there really was next to no action in this. Not a lot happened, a clock just sat down and mentioned the pope dying and then that something ruled and laughed really pathetically. You really need to make something happen in the flash and manage to give it action in some way, I’ll be truthful, there was little enjoyable about this flash. “The News” was much too long and was even bad as a short, which its purpose is obviously meant to be. To compensate for such a short flash, you really need the short to redeem itself; for example 10 seconds of flash needs to be more interesting than 2 minutes of long flash. Humour is usually what a successful short is about and you just didn’t manage to pull this off, I wouldn’t have minded about the length if you had made those 10 seconds interesting, get-to-the-point and not a waste of my time. I also don’t really think you should be including the pope in this and then trying to be funny at the end, to be honest you completely failed in humour and I didn’t even understand what the clock was saying, it didn’t make sense and was just stupid.
Overall, unfortunately there’s really not much positive or interesting about this flash; and in the end it’s just another bad CC wannabe flash that doesn’t stand out above the rest. I hope you found my suggestions helpful. Nevertheless, good try :)

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biblo responds:

TOO LONG DIDN'T READ! Just kidding. Yeah thanks for the review. Yeah I didn't actually get much time to make this as I had to get it out by the end of April 1st. (he actually says "Lol, April Fool's") at the end. If you look at some of my other flashes (particularly "A Bigger Problem") you'll see that I usually put much more time and effort in.

Operation: Kill Everyone Operation: Kill Everyone

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Lacks the main meat -a game

Well, I’m afraid I have a lot of suggestions for this one. This seems like a challenging and interesting shooter, but is it really that much of a shooting game? There just doesn’t seem to be enough interactivity in the game and besides, I get the feeling that the computer does most of the game-play for you, not the actual player……
First off, graphics. About average. The graphics looked very MS Painted and I almost got the impression that you had drawn most of your graphics using a ready-made shape tool in paint, either that or you hadn’t put much effort into it. The characters didn’t look too impressive and basically just looked like thicker versions of stick figures in some cases. I think it would be better if you made the graphics look a little more realistic, SOME realism would obviously be good in this because certainly in the characters you should make them seem more life-like. For example add animations of the guards breathing in and out, and make animations for other objects in your environment. Such as the water running along in the first scene, I was pretty disappointed at the childish look of it and especially when I discovered that you could place your character behind it. You also need to give more detail in the environment other than just a grey background, for example alarms on the walls and brickwork patterns ect. I cannot really give this a good score for animations because there were next to none, the whole game looked and moved along in a very stiff and jerky manner. Such as the guards just turned around a few times to try and ‘spot’ you, why not make animations for the guards walking up and down the screen in a fluent motion? Make the surveillance camera swing around from side to side, and you have to time your moves right and get past it when it isn’t facing you, instead of it just sitting there stubbornly doing nothing and then s if ‘by magic’ detecting you. Next, sounds. Pretty standard, I liked the sound effects as you fired your gun and the alarms, also when you gulped and got shot to death when detected. I think you really need to add background music because that is the main thing that’s missing, and also sound effects and speech from the guards – for example they could exclaim “what was that?” when you make a noise.
Finally, game-play. Sadly this aspect has real potential but just can’t really cut it due to some big letdowns. I liked the shooting action and the little mini-game of getting around the maze, but the action in this is pretty much mute. I hate the fact that to move about you just float around using your cursor, and you just click on something to do an action. I feel that the computer does the game for me more than I do, like I click on a character and the computer automatically shoots him for me. As the player WE should be controlling what goes on. This also means that to not get detected you just float above a guard’s head, this really does diminish the point of the game, which seems to be based around stealth. What’s so stealthy when you can just suddenly float over a guard’s head? Obviously I want to be able to control the character myself using arrow buttons, with a target to aim to gun and shoot people – MY way, not the computer’s way. You really want to breath LIFE into the game and the surroundings, add human characteristics into the characters of the game. Add a noise meter depending on how much noise you are making walking. Guards could swing round at you with a torch and sound an alarm and shoot when they see you, and then become calm again if you run away and hide. I also want to point out that you can just skip scenes to beat the game, so you may want to change this.
Overall, a game which has good potential if it weren’t for some silly elements overlooked and important letdowns. I feel as if you ignored so much and included so little, and the computer probably does as much as I do in the game. Nevertheless, well done and I hope you found my suggestions helpful :)

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joe-kangaroo responds:

Wow what a long, shitty review. It isn't a shooting game though. No part of it is shooting, so i'm not going to read the rest, HA! You wasted your time!

Treasure Assault v0.8 Treasure Assault v0.8

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Average, but with tweaks could go further

I like this game for the actual entertainment, and it is good to see that you improved from the last version of this game. However, it also seems like you used one new whole version and you didn’t actually improve as much as you should have, you didn’t change an awful lot. This is an average game, it’s just a shame you overlooked some improvements that could be made in both it’s and there are still many tweaks that should be made before you brought out a third (if you choose to do so) and final version….
First off, graphics. To be honest, this was nothing special and is merely average if that. I liked the menu screen with you way you faded the menu screen with the blue colour. I thought the game would look a little better, and to be honest I got the impression throughout the game that you couldn’t be bothered to fill the whole screen, for example extremely large portions of the menu screen and game over screen were white. The ‘game over’ screen looked very sloppy, and this just gave out a feeling of laziness, and gives the player an impression that you didn’t put enough effort as you could have. For example, there seemed to be a lack of graphics even in the actual game screen, which was a little disappointing. The maze strip only covered about a 3rd of the screen and the rest was just a white screen, even the background of the maze screen was a plain black colour. Hardly anything like eye-candy is it? I was also surprised to find that even in the maze you did draw the tiles were plain white, matching about 75% of the rest of the screen. Obviously I suggest that you try to improve on the graphical area of your flash so there isn’t so much a lack of graphics. Go wild! Add a funky background to the game, try and make it patterned and exciting or treasure colours and pictures such as gold and rubies, to match the theme of the game. Try to also blow up the size of the map a bit and make it cover the whole screen; this would improve the presentation of “Treasure assault” and would prevent the game appearing a little sloppy and more organized. Take advantage of this, you could make more pathways twisting and turning and more enemies, I would rather have a few large screens for the whole game rather than a lot more smaller and only half as good ones. Create more complex enemies and hazards such as crushing spikes and some more crazy power-ups. I wasn’t too impressed with the animation because it was a little simple, try to make the back kegs of your character move, and make an animation when you shoot an enemy rather than it just suddenly disappearing -the characters looked and move much too plain. Try to make them more imaginative, and make the treasure look more than gold blobs.
Next, sound. Pretty amusing and I think that song was one of he most hilarious I have ever heard – I love the way you changed the words into something about ebay, whilst keeping the exact same timing and tune as the original song. However it did get repetitive so I would suggest adding a mute button, and also the song ends after a while so make it loop around. I would also like to see some sound effects in this such as when you shoot enemies or collect a piece of treasure.
Finally, gameplay. Definitely the core aspect. I liked the way how you made this into a classic ‘treasure hunt’ puzzler but also it was interesting how you did it. For example, instead of just moving around in all directions like you normally do with this kind of ‘board appearance’ game, we had to jump about and climb up ladders. This was interesting because at first I didn’t think we’d get to move about in this way because of the way the maze was set out. There were times though that the game was very frustrating because of some near impossible jumps I had to make, but I guess that just adds to the challenge.
Overall, where graphics fall this game makes up for in gameplay. I do feel though not enough was changed in a whole version and that this is merely an average game, but it has good replay value and with some tweaks should go a lot further.

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Aldarnc responds:

WHOA! Where to start...

Ok, about the graphics, some people like the "old school" type graphics, and some don't. I think the general feeling is that they need updating, however. In version 0.9, they will be the same style, but in version 1.0+ i will update them to have more detail and generally more pleasing to the eye, but trying to stick with the "old school" type genre.

The fitting the screen thing, this is only because after i made the first two levels, i realised that maps should be bigger, so i increased the screen size. I don't really find it much of a problem, but in the final version it will be ironed out nicely. In versopn 0.9 i have made a nicer menu than now.

Crushing spikes, awesome idea! I'll get onto that one. Thanx for your review, its given me tons of ideas!